Click here for information on the Club’s Coronavirus actions

  1. All members and visitors are required to follow strict social distancing and keep a distance of 2 metres from anyone else.
  2. Players should avoid touching anything other that their own clubs/ball.
  3. All bunker rakes have been removed. Players are asked to make best endeavours to smooth sand with their feet and clubs. Preferred lies in all bunkers.
  4. The flagsticks should remain in the hole at all times. The cups have been inverted making it easy to get the ball out of the hole without touching the flagstick.
  5. After play hands should be washed in line with Health England guidelines.
  6. In competition play a player can mark his/her own card and no countersignature is required. However, before a score is entered this should be agreed by playing partners.
  7. The only parts of the clubhouse open are the locker rooms and the hall. There is no food or drink service.
  8. In the clubhouse people are asked to avoid touching and surfaces as far as possible and to leave doors ajar where possible.
  9. Anyone using the practice area is required to collect all their balls.